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Abracadabra? ... Correct Basics don't look fancy or impressive

Correct basics don't look fancy or impressive, but in the long term the results they achieve are magic.

Correct basics don’t look fancy or impressive. If you see a dramatic change in a session, most likely it either is not dramatic and you just haven’t seen all the preceding work, or they are faking it and what you are seeing is not sustainable or biomechanically correct.

This applies to therapy as well as training. Dave O’Sullivan (Physiotherapist, ProSport Academy), “I’m skeptical of any Clinician who says they can make long lasting changes in only 1 or 2 sessions”. Correct basic therapy may not look like anything much, a few hands on moves, some stretches and simple exercises performed well and progressed regularly to gain a small improvement of a few degrees each time. Physiotherapy's most powerful evidence based tools are education and exercise. They are not glamorous, fancy or impressive, don’t get sucked in by fads, gimmicks, or machines that go ping! Nothing can replace doing the work. Do the work! Also beware of treatments shrouded in mystery, and guru’s.

Likewise correct training may look like walking on a long rein, schooling in hand to achieve relaxation over the topline, practicing halts and effective aids and transitions, making sure the cue and response are clear, gradually building the horses confidence (not over facing with big jumps). It is not a race to see who can have the youngest horse competing at the highest level first. Having a healthy, sound, happy, well-schooled 20 year old is a big achievement and something to be very proud of.

Notice how the higher the plant reaches, the deeper and broader the roots grow.

Enjoy every magical moment of the journey with your horse.

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