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  • Pricing


Physio 4 Riders

Initial consultation $100.00   ~50mins                Telehealth initial $95.00     

Standard consultation $90.00   ~40mins            Telehealth standard $85.00

4th, 5th, 6th follow-up consultation $85.00*     Telehealth 4th + $80.00 

Physio 4 Horses

Equine/large animal Initial consultation $100.00   ~1hr              

Standard consultation $90.00   ~45mins+

4th, 5th, 6th follow-up consultation $85.00* 

Physio 4 Dogs/ Cats... 

Canine/small animal Initial consultation $75.00   ~45mins       

Standard consultation $65.00   ~30mins+

Phone a Physio, management advice over the phone $22.00 for up to 20minutes. 

Weekend/ out of business hours (before 9am, after 5pm) surcharge +$22.00

Travel for animal consults: 50c/km both ways

or bring your animal to me: enclosed shaded area for dogs. For horses undercover treatment bay, yards/stables, hard and soft trot-up surface, round yard, lungeing gear, arena with mirrors, show jumps and cross country. 

Travel costs can be split between owners, so why not get your friends/ neighbours to book appointments on the same day to reduce the cost.


Cancellation fee $25.00 To avoid a cancellation fee and allow someone else to use that time slot please give at least 24hours notice.

If your horse needs intensive care, there are a small number of places available for short-term agistment and on-site rehabilitation/treatment at Victoria Farm - talk to me about this option.

Kalgoorlie - why not drop your horse off on the way to Perth - over the weekend agistment and treatment, price dependent on hard feed/ rugging/ treatment methods etc. Take advantage of accessing several treatment consults over 2 or 3 days so rehab can be progressed more than in  just a one off appointment.

*Loyalty Reward Program

Most musculoskeletal issues require a course of treatment to desensitise the irritated tissues, correct poor movement habits, build strength and resilience, return to full function and preventing recurrence. Please read my blog 'Why a quick fix won't work' to learn more about tissue healing time frames and avoid making the number one mistake in recovering from injury. 

To say high five in recognition of you committing to making a lasting change I will give you $5 off your 4th, 5th, 6th (and ongoing) appointments in a calendar year. So that's your 4th, 5th, 6th ... follow-up consults for $85.00 instead of $90.00. 

4X Review Package

To maintain your horse in tip top condition it is useful to have a regular review or musculoskeletal screening. Book and pay up front for 4 Physiotherapy appointments for your horse, to be scheduled quarterly. Findings are compared at each seasonal review allowing early detection and early treatment of any issues that arise. Appointments will be scheduled, but with the flexibility to change and use them anytime you like, eg. if your horse sustains an injury before the next review. You will also be sent a reminder 2 weeks before the scheduled review so the day/time can be adjusted if needed.

  • Suitable for performance horses to help pick up little changes/niggles before injury occurs and helps you to know your training is progressing on the right track.

  • Suitable for young horses starting out in their training.

  • Suitable for horses with saddle fit issues to track their change in shape over the year.

  • Suitable for stoic children's ponies, when the rider isn't experienced enough to pick up if something isn't quite right (remember pain changes behaviour, so don't wait until your pony starts biting or refusing to jump, book the 4X Review Package so you can set and forget.) 

  • Suitable for older horses on spell or in light work to monitor joint stiffness and comfort levels.  

4X Review Package: $320.00 (save $50.00)    N.B. weekend/afterhours surcharge and travel fee will still need to be paid on the day. 

  • Policies

Please refer to the blog on 'Informed consent, Risks, Benefits and Warnings for different Physiotherapy Treatments.'

  • Dry needling additional information document. 

Please note if you are just after a quick fix, wanting a massage, or aren't committed to undertaking several weeks of an exercise program then this service is not for you.

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